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With our Linear integration, you can keep track of issues as tasks in Superlist.

Connect your Linear account

You can connect multiple Linear accounts to Superlist. Here’s how:

  • Click on Settings and navigate to Integrations.

  • Locate Linear in the list and click Configure.

  • Select Connect account and a new window will open.

  • Click Authorize Superlist.

Create tasks from Linear

There are two ways to convert issues into Superlist tasks.

Automatically create tasks from Linear

Tasks will automatically be created in Superlist when an issue is assigned to you and the status is set to To do.

Paste Linear issues to create tasks

Navigate to Inbox and paste the URL of a Linear issue into the New task field. After pressing return, Superlist will create a task and populate the task details with the description in Linear. Tasks added from Linear will include:

  • The Linear icon, so you can quickly identify the source. Clicking on the icon will take you to the original issue.

  • The title as the task title.

  • The description in the task details.

  • If a task was automatically created, it will have a dedicated label so that you can find and filter tasks from Linear.

Disconnect a Linear account

Connected accounts will appear at the top of the Linear configuration page. To remove an account, simply click the Disconnect button to its right. Any current tasks created from that account will remain in Superlist, but new tasks will not be created and updates to existing ones will not sync with Linear.

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