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Sync your To Do content with Superlist.

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With our Microsoft To Do integration you can now sync your tasks and lists to Superlist.

Connect your account

  • Click on the settings icon in Superlist and select Integrations.

  • Scroll down and select Microsoft To Do.

  • Hit the Connect button in the top right corner.

  • Follow the outlined steps to set up the connection.

Get started

Once you're set up you can choose which lists you would like to sync with Superlist by activating the individual toggles in the account settings. Task / lists titles, completion and due dates will now be kept in sync between the apps.

New tasks that are created in To Do will also appear in Superlist and vice versa.

Please note that disabling the synchronisation of a list and then re-enabling it at a later stage will lead to a duplication of said list in your Superlist account.

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