Keyboard shortcuts

Navigate Superlist, create tasks, and more — all from your keyboard.

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Looking to speed up your workflow? Get to know our shortcuts and you’ll be a Superlist power user in no time.

Please note that these shortcuts are for macOS. If you are on the web version or Windows, try the following: swap Cmd ⌘ ↔ Ctrl and Option ⌥ ↔ Alt between macOS and Windows / Linux.

General shortcuts



⌘ 1

Go to Inbox

⌘ 2

Go to Today

⌘ 3

Go to Messages

⌘ 4

Go to Tasks

⌘ 5

Go to Lists

⌘ ,

Go to Settings

⌘ [

Go back in navigation history

⌘ ]

Go forward in navigation history

⌘ `

Move between Superlist app windows

Fn F

Enter or exit fullscreen

⌘ H

Hide all Superlist app windows

⇧ ⌘ H

Hide all other app windows

⌘ M

Minimize the current Superlist window

⌘ N

Open a new Superlist window

⌘ Q

Quit Superlist

⌘ W

Close the current app window

⇧ ⌥ Space

Open quick command


- Deselect or hide the cursor

- Close a menu

- Close the most recently opened detail view

List shortcuts

Use these shortcuts when editing lists or creating new tasks




View content block options in a list

⌘ B

Bold a selection of text in a paragraph block

⌘ I

Italicize a selection of text in a paragraph block

⌘ K

Add a hyperlink to a selection of text in a paragraph block


Create a bullet list

1. or 1)

Create a numbered list


Create a Heading 1


Create a Heading 2


Create a Heading 3


Create a task

Task shortcuts

Use these shortcuts when viewing tasks lists in your sidebar (e.g., Inbox, Sent Tasks, Completed).




Create a new task in Inbox

⌘ D

Mark a selected task as complete / incomplete

⌘ return

Open a selected task’s details page


Expand or collapse task groups when the heading is selected


Set task to due today


Clear task due date


Clear task assignee


Clear task label

⌘ ⇧ I

Add task to inbox

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